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eccvs-0.2.0 released
April 11, 2005 - more info...
This is the next major release of eccvs. It does contain a lot of new features. Now, most of the operations can be perfomed within eccvs.

eccvs2 has been imported into eccvs repository
March 19, 2005 - See download page...
The eccvs2 module has been imported into the eccvs repository. Now, the developers can work with the recent version of eccvs.

eccvs-0.1.0 released(new architecture)
March 16, 2005 - more info...
The first public tarball was released. It is based on the new extensible architecture. The CVS server for this new source code will be setup within a week.

Project website released
March 15, 2005
This newly structured web site was released. It contains more information than the old site.

Source code imported to CVS server
September 11, 2004
The C language implementation of eccvs was imported into the CVS server. It can be checked out using "" repository. The module name is "eccvs".


eccvs is a tool for managing different versions of a software project. It provides a simple and intuitive user interface. As the name suggests, it is actually based on the existing CVS (Concurrent Versions System) command line tool. The acronym eccvs expands to easy concurrent versions system. Just making the version control easier.

The main objective of this project is to enable a novice user to use the version control mechanism with less effort. This can only be achieved through a nice user interface (which is always true for every piece of software).