eccvs is a tool for managing different versions of  a software project. It provides a simple and intuitive user interface. As the name suggests, it is actually based on the existing CVS (Concurrent Versions System)  command line tool. The acronym "eccvs" expands to "easy concurrent versions system". Just making the version control easier.

This software is far from complete. It has a long way to go to attain its objectives. The source code  is not yet released to the public but the CVS repository was set for this project.  So anyone, who wishes to hack on the source code, can download it through CVS.

The  main  objective of this project is to enable an ordinary user to work with CVS with less effort.  This can only be achieved through a nice user interface (which is always true for every piece of software). The source code, that is now available for download, has the following basic features.

Basic Features:
  • Wizard-based interface
  • Elegant working copy view
  • More common way of file system  browsing (like Nautilus)

eccvs is currently under its heavy development stage. Like any other Open-source software, this one will also follow the "release early and release often" strategy to keep the pace in development.

Currently, this site provides information in the following links only and all the links will be made availbale soon.

Last Updated: 11-Sep-2004

    This site has been lanched and the source code has been made available throuch CVS.

This site is currently under constrution

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